We are creating LightDesk, a collaborative creation space where remote teams can be together while they create videos. We want to help you harness the power of collaboration with creative teams no matter where in the world they are located. 


We are a team lead by serial entrepreneurs Mike Folgner and Ryan Cunningham who previously co-founded cloud video editors SnappyTV and Jumpcut.com and have held product and engineering leadership roles at Twitter and Yahoo!


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Why we're building LightDesk

We want to help people create together no matter where they are. We are building a multiplayer framework and core video editing features for remote teams creating content together. 

Our previous company SnappyTV was a live cloud post-production service for creating highlight clips from games and events in real time used by the NFL, the NBA and other media companies. Creating content was a team effort and we built specific pages and workflows for different team members. However, there is a missing element in SnappyTV and other cloud editors as well as desktop video editors, the people!

Please stay tuned on our progress and sign up to be in our early beta. If you're interested in joining the team or know great people passionate about video and collaboration please email contact@tensil.io. 

Who we are

We are serial entrepreneurs who enjoy building creative software to help people. We have 

We are based in San Francisco but have team members worldwide. We are hiring software developers and designers and would love to talk to you, please email contact@tensil.io if you're interested.

Created by a team that's done it before

Our team has built solutions for video creators small and large. 

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