We are tensil.

We are building Scenery.


Film Reels

Professional video tools for remote teams 

We want to help people create together no matter where they are. 

Creating content is a team effort, we're rethinking from scratch what video editing and publishing should be in the modern world.

Building a tool for professional video editors is a tall order. 

We are working closely with people whose jobs have been impacted or have needed to do things differently in remote environments. We want to hear from you.


Please email us if you're interested in talking to us about your challenges. 

We have done this before

Our team has over a decade of experience building video tools for companies large and small.


We are serial entrepreneurs who enjoy building creative software to help people.

We are based in San Francisco but have team members worldwide. We are hiring software developers and designers and would love to talk to you.


Please email contact@tensil.io if you're interested.